November 30, 2022

Magnifier Plus with Flashlight

Magnifier mobile app for Android is the easiest and most quality digital magnifying glass in your mobile. This digital lupa magnify any tiny items closer with the help of the zoom camera in mobile phones.

Key features:
✓ Digital Magnifier
✓ Zoom
✓ Flashlight
✓ Freeze, save and share
✓ Text recognition
✓ Filters for camera and pictures
✓ Full screen mode
✓ Incredible visibility

🔍Digital magnifying glass
Turn your smartphone into an incredible digital lupa, magnifying glass and zoom camera with cool features. The app uses your phone’s camera to magnify text or whatever comes to mind!

Magnify objects to the maximum with the camera of your smartphone.

This application has on screen zoom and lighting controls for easy operation. You can also use the flashlight as a light to get a brighter picture,

🔍Freeze, save and share
There is also a ‘freeze’ feature that will help you see objects more comfortably. Once you freeze the photo, you can save or share it.

🔍Text recognition
The advantage over competitors is text recognition and work with it. You can listen to the text, share with friends and also change the size.

🔍Filters for camera and pictures
Use your smartphone to the fullest and apply filters that you like. So many filters are available in the free version of the mobile app.

The fantastic solution is Magnifier!

User-friendly magnifier app for everyday use. Simple and convenient features in one app. Download a free mobile app for Android and enjoy all functions of the magnifier app right now.

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