The age of the Lightning cable is returning to academic degree end. This week, the european Union passed legislation requiring all phones, tablets, and cameras sold-out at intervals the EU to return back with a USB-C connective. It’s a large move that spells doom for Apple’s proprietary port; most phones sold-out around the world charge and connect with accessories victimization the USB-C commonplace, but iPhones don’t.

The EU legislation was first planned in Sept 2021 once the european Parliament same it had spent years creating a trial to urge companies to voluntarily adapt to own religion in one reasonably connective. USB-C, with its fast charging time and speedy data transfer speeds, emerged as a result of the simplest alternative for patrons. Plus, if every device in one’s home uses an identical charging commonplace, it reduces waste and can increase convenience. Now, the switch to USB-C across the board has formally been approved. The parliament voted overpoweringly in favor of the change, with 602 votes for and alone 13 against.

One of the most important companies to be affected here is Apple. The ruling all but spells the tip for the iPhone’s Lightning charger, as a result of it’d most likely be unviable for Apple to produce devices with separate ports for varied countries on such associate outsized scale.

But this won’t specifically be a shock for Apple. Last year, academic degree EU ruling to spice up repairability of devices most likely prompted Apple and completely different companies to establish their own repair programs at intervals the North yank country. Apple seems to possess already prepared for this action, considering it’s reportedly been testing iPhones with USB-C chargers.

The USB-C wants ar expected to travel into result by the tip of 2024. starting in 2026, the requirement can apply to laptops. Devices that charge wirelessly don’t but ought to adhere to any specific commonplace, but most (including iPhones) ar already compatible with the ki charging system.

Here’s this week’s completely different news at intervals the planet of consumer tech.

Ebikes troubled
The nondepository financial organization State Farm is suing Rad Power Bikes once it says it had to allot $250,000 to a consumer whose ebike caught flaming.

Ebikes ar beneath exaggerated scrutiny recently thanks to queries of safety. The ascension of the electrical micromobility market, additionally to the proliferation of poor quality parts and so the undeniable fact that frame-mounted batteries ar vulnerable to hurt, has LED to an increase at intervals the vary of fires from the bike’s power cells.

This put together isn’t the only real due process of law Rad Power Bikes is facing over queries of safety. In 2021, a 12-year-old died whereas riding a Rad Power bike, though the rationale for the fatal crash wasn’t battery draw back or a manufacturer defect. the fogeys say that Rad Power’s promoting LED the child to travel too fast on the motor-powered bike, leading to her crash. every cases have but to be set.

Amazon Kills the Glow
Remember the Amazon Glow? No? Well, that all told likelihood is wise. The underperforming video chat device created for children was however a year previous, and presently it’s no extra. As reported by Gizmodo, Amazon interrupted production of the Glow on.

The Glow looked like a clunkier version of Facebook’s Portal webcam/stationary pill screen, and can play videos, show ebooks, and build video calls. but whereas the Portal may be a sleek image frame-sized device, the Glow was a chunky, unappealing block. it completely was meant primarily for families with kids, but tense being a tool for no one.


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