If you’ve got upgraded to iOS sixteen on your iPhone, you’d presumably have detected your Notification Center look all totally different. Notifications unit of measurement presently stacked at very cheap of the show by default, instead of gripping the complete screen. Apple’s reasoning? It’s meant to showcase your beautiful lock screen, significantly since there unit of measurement several new ways in which to customize it with widgets, Portrait photos, and up to date designs for the clock.

But if you’re not an addict, don’t worry. you’ll merely change it back to the primary format. we have a tendency to tend to run you via the steps to revert your notifications back to the previous look, and together the way to change to a very new “Count” regard well.

Three Ways to indicate Notifications
In iOS 15, the only selections in Notification Settings were to tweak choices like regular define, Show Previews, and Screen Sharing. but in iOS sixteen, Apple has expanded your selections to include three new ways in which to appear at notifications inside the Notification Center: Count, Stack, and List. Here’s but they differ:

List View: typically|this can be} often the classic suggests that notifications ar shown on iPhones for years. It’s what you’ll ought to select if you are doing not rather like the new stacked browse in iOS sixteen. All of your notifications will appear from high to bottom across the whole lock screen.

Stack View: typically|this can be} often the new default once you upgrade to iOS sixteen (or found a novel iPhone 14). With this layout, all of your notifications will appear at very cheap of the show. regulator on the bundle which they will expand to fill the screen. Swipe up and you’ll see older notifications sitting at very cheap. This browse is sweet for anyone World Health Organization must vary the lockscreen wallpaper quite one thing.

Count View: This browse completely hides your notifications and entirely shows the total vary at very cheap of the screen. as Associate in Nursing example, if you’ve got got a pair of uninformed text messages, five Instagram alerts, and one obscure call, it’ll show “8 Notifications” displayed at very cheap. you’ll swipe up to appear at them and swipe all the method right down to hide them another time.

How to change the Lock Screen Notification vogue
Open Settings and tap on Notifications.
In the show As module at the very best, tap Count, Stack, or List supported what you like.
If you ever would like to change to a singular browse, merely follow the steps on high of another time.

Whichever you choose on as your default, you’ll forever swap between all three views right from the lock screen through a series of gestures. Swipe all the high from very cheap of the show to showcase all of your notifications in list view; swipe all the method right down to condense them into a stack; swipe down another time (from Stack View) to hide the notifications and show entirely the total vary.


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